What’s your photographic style?
I approach events with a documentary style. My philosophy is simple - I tell the story of your day through the photos I take. I will meticulously shoot the “big” moments but will also look for the little details and the spontaneous, unplanned shots. When you look at your photos as the years go by, I want you to feel like you are reliving the day, minute by minute.

Will you be the actual photographer at our wedding? Do you double book?
I will be the primary photographer for your event. I don’t double book. You are my only priority during the time you have hired me.

Is the work on your website all yours or is it a compilation of work from more than one photographer?
The work is primarily mine. I usually bring an assistant to help me set up equipment and keep things moving quickly, and s/he will often serve as a second shooter as well. 

How many photographs will you take?
I will take an unlimited number of photographs. I concentrate on completely documenting your event without limiting myself to a certain number of pictures.

Will you be there all day? Can we have photos of us getting ready?
I will be there during the times we agree on which can include rehearsals, dinners, outings the day of the wedding, etc. We will work together to determine a schedule.

Do you use digital or film cameras?
I use digital. It is not inherently better quality than film, but rather allows for more latitude in how your final prints look. A digital picture can be converted to black and white, touched up to remove a distracting background and manipulated in many ways.

Do you shoot black and white or color?
One of the nice aspects of shooting digital is that I can take photos in color and convert some to black and white. I usually convert about 10-20% of the pictures, but can adjust this according to your preference. I have to charge a processing fee for a large number of black and white conversions due to the labor involved in this process.

Do you have a backup camera?
I always bring a backup camera in the event of a malfunction.

Do you have insurance?
I am a member of  Professional Photographers of America and have insurance coverage through that organization. 

How do you dress for an event?
I usually wear dark, simple business clothing so I blend in with your guests but can be easily identified as your photographer. This will vary some depending on the specifics and level of formality of your event. 

Will my photos be available to view and order online?
You will be able to view your photos on the proofs tab of this website as soon as they are complete.  I encourage you to share the link with family and friends so they can view them too.

How long will it be before we can see our photos?
It depends of the size of the event and my general workload, but most events will be finished in two to three weeks. Certain items, like albums, can take significantly longer due to the time required to create the custom layouts and the printing process.

What kind of albums do you offer? When we meet, I can show you samples of the albums I produce. They are all of the highest archival quality and give you almost limitless options for customization. I can also help you order prints, cards and a variety of photo items.

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