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It all started with my wedding on a hot summer day in 1998. My wife Sherry and I planned our own wedding and selected a photographer, in hindsight, with too little thought.

We waited with mounting anticipation – it took two months to get our proofs. I’ll never forget the sinking disappointment we felt as we looked at our photos; they were poorly composed, badly lit and all-around underwhelming.

My skill and talent have grown over the years, but that moment has helped keep one thing constant: my commitment to approach each wedding with a plan but leave room for the unexpected special moments. We’ll feel like old friends by the time you take off, and that’s just how I like it.

I strive to capture the scope of the best day of your life, to document the best moments you’ll remember forever, and to show you at your best. If this is the kind of approach you are looking for, then I am the best photographer for you.

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